Writer, researcher and independent publisher with a strong focus on the Government Code and Cypher School code-breaking operations at Bletchley Park during World War 2. I research and write at the growing online resource for Bletchley Park and codebreakers during World War 2 at www.bletchleyparkresearch.co.uk. I publish books and articles through www.booktowerpublishing.co.uk
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New host for Bletchley Park Research

I’ve moved the Bletchley Park Research blog to its own domain www.bletchleyparkresearch.co.uk Advertisements

Looking down on our past!

Originally posted on Talk About Bletchley:
Time can play funny tricks with your mind as the years pass by, many things we used to take for granted and even walk by without really noticing! We have had a recent request to see a ‘certain aerial map’ and here it is below; I will give you…

A historic pub crawl

I have been catching up on my face-book & twitter pages this eve and then its on to preparing for my pub crawl. Unfortunately, it’s not a boozy event but a slightly stalker-esque visit to the pubs and hotels used as billets during the early occupations of Bletchley Park. I found myself in The White … Continue reading

Bletchley update – it’s been awhile

I haven’t posted for awhile but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle. With so many balls in the air, my blog has faltered in its infancy. Still it’s time to tell you I’ve been writing, editing, designing, formatting, pulling-my-hair-out, researching, doing the day job, reading, forming contacts, failing to get responses from contacts, more writing, … Continue reading

Michael Smith talk at Bletchley Park & book signing

Product detail. Michael Smith is doing a talk at Bletchley Park on Sunday 13 November 2011 and will be signing copies of his new book Britain’s Secret War. It will be an interesting event and hopefully. a good networking opportunity to spread the word about my forthcoming Bletchley Park Research website. The book cover is … Continue reading

Charlotte Webb did not appear on BBC3 Codebreakers documentary

As much as I enjoyed the excellent BBC2 documentary about Bill Tutte and Tommy Flowers, I was a little to disappointed that Charlotte Webb’s interview was not shown. I fully accept it  may not have fitted with the context of the documentary but still, it would have been nice! The BBC crew were at Bletchley … Continue reading

Hitler’s Codebreakers

I’m visiting Bletchley Park tomorrow to talk to John Jackson about his forthcoming book ‘Hitler’s Codebreakers – German Signals Intelligence in World War 2‘, which will published at the end of January 2012 by BookTower Publishing. Based on official records of the National Security Agency. this book explores TICOM’s (Target Intelligence Committee) investigation into the German codebreaking organisations, operations and personnel. “TICOM … Continue reading

BBC – BBC Two Programmes – Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes

BBC – BBC Two Programmes – Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes. Charlotte Webb was interviewed for this documentary about her time working with Major Tester at Bletchley Park during World War 2. Can’t wait to see if she made the final cut. Her book “Secret Postings – Bletchley Park to the Pentagon” hits the shops … Continue reading

Bletchley Park announced winter lecture series – Community – Milton Keynes Citizen

Bletchley Park announced winter lecture series – Community – Milton Keynes Citizen.

A Good Place to Start….

So this is the start – the start of a very public journey into researching, writing and publishing about Bletchley Park. It’s my goal to encourage other researchers to unearth their papers and notes that would otherwise remain hidden in paper and electronic filing systems. I want to encourage all Bletchley Park researchers to share, exchange and … Continue reading

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