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Hitler’s Codebreakers

I’m visiting Bletchley Park tomorrow to talk to John Jackson about his forthcoming book ‘Hitler’s Codebreakers – German Signals Intelligence in World War 2‘, which will published at the end of January 2012 by BookTower Publishing.

Based on official records of the National Security Agency. this book explores TICOM’s (Target Intelligence Committee) investigation into the German codebreaking organisations, operations and personnel.

“TICOM was the cover name given to a special Anglo-American intelligence organisation established in October 1944 whose cover name disguised its real purpose – to seek out in the immediate aftermath of war German Sigint staff for interrogation.” John Jackson – Hitler’s Codebreakers

The book offers a fascinating and insightful parallel to the well documented Allied codebreaking activities.

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I met John earlier this year and then again at his book signing for ‘Code Wars’ at the Bletchley Park Reunion in September 2011.

Code Wars‘ is selling well and is a testament to John Jackson’s technical expertise in Sigint history.

If you visit Bletchley Park on a Sunday you’ll more than likely find John Jackson in B Block demonstrating how the Bombe machine works.


About bletchleyparkresearch

Writer, researcher and independent publisher with a strong focus on the Government Code and Cypher School code-breaking operations at Bletchley Park during World War 2. I research and write at the growing online resource for Bletchley Park and codebreakers during World War 2 at www.bletchleyparkresearch.co.uk. I publish books and articles through www.booktowerpublishing.co.uk


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